Corporate Compiance and HIPAA

Valley View Haven Corporate Compliance Program
Valley View Haven has joined forces with the Peace Church Compliance Program to monitor laws, regulations, and guidelines that are relevant to a provider of senior services including residential, resident care, and skilled nursing services.

We conduct an annual financial audit through an external accounting firm, and we utilize the services of a respected legal counsel to advise us on our various business and patient care activities. PCCP also conducts various surveys and audits throughout the year to ensure compliance and provision of quality care to our residents. Our board of directors reviews facility operations with our Executive Director. The institution also maintains a policy on patients' rights, clinical ethics, and business ethics.

Unfortunately, there are many laws and regulations affecting the health care system. Coupled with the very complex reimbursement policies established by insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid, operating this health care institution is more complex than ever before.


Compliance Policy
Valley View Haven is dedicated to compliance with laws, regulations, and the requirements of federal, state and private payer plans with which we work – as well as to the highest standards of professional responsibility. This Compliance Policy is established to provide standards for all Board members, employees and agents, with the specific intent of identifying and correcting actions that may be considered fraudulent or abusive, and to aid in the realization of the highest standards of integrity and quality service to our residents.


Code of Conduct
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Corporate Compliance Program
This Compliance Policy is part of our organization’s overall Compliance Program. The Program follows the guidelines issued by the U.S. Sentencing Commission and the Department of Health and Human Services Officer of Inspector General.

The Compliance Program is under the oversight of the Compliance Officer who has been appointed by the Board of Directors. An interdisciplinary Compliance Team has been appointed to advise and assist the Compliance Officer in the implementation and operation of the Compliance Program.

In carrying out the Compliance Program, the Compliance Officer, Karla Dreisbach, with the aid of the Compliance Team and outside contractors will conduct activities to audit and monitor our billing practices and compliance with regulatory requirements. The Compliance Officer will also promptly investigate reports of compliance violations and initiate corrective action. The Compliance Officer makes regular reports of compliance auditing and monitoring and investigations to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.


Valley View Haven
PCCP Compliance Officer
Karla Dreisbach
Senior Director of Compliance
(215) 646-0720
Valley View
Compliance Official
Kristin Graybill
Compliance Official
(717) 935-2105
Valley View
Compliance Committee
Nicole Sarver, Chief Executive Officer
Nan Yeater, Administrator
Dennis Peachey, Director of Finance
James Garrett, Director of Human Resources
Marge Armstrong, Administrative Secretary

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