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The Road to Recovery Starts at Our Rehab Neighborhood
Enjoy the Comforts of Home During Your Stay at Ours!
You trust us as a retirement community. Now come to us for short term rehab.

    • Outpatient & Inpatient Therapies Available for All Ages
    • Private Stay Rehab Rooms
    • Skilled Nursing Care
    • Personal Care Suites
    • Residential Living Cottages


Valley View Retirement Community offers Skilled Nursing Care, Personal Care Apartment Suites, and Residential Cottage Living on its beautiful campus located in The Big Valley, just outside of Belleville, PA. Our Memory Care neighborhood and Valley View Rehab are officially up and running smoothly!

To make the admission process smooth and easy for all involved, Valley View wants to give you the right contact information to start you on the right path to personalized and affordable care. The following information should help you in the Admissions Process for a loved one at Valley View Retirement Community.




For more information, please contact one of the following contacts:
Nan Yeater - Administrator: (717) 935-2105 ext. 2230
Nicole Yoder - The Haven: (717) 935-2105 ext. 1230
Dave Wingard - The Village: (717) 935-2105 ext. 1300
Mary Beckenbaugh - Admissions Coordinator: (717) 935-2105 ext. 1450
Angelica Losch - Senior Director of Resident Services: (717) 935-2105 ext. 1850
Chris Laughlin - Memory Care: (717) 935-2105 ext. 1830


Valley View Retirement Community is a non-profit organization that is both Medicare and Medicaid approved.

To view our New Memory Care and Rehab Wing flyer and brochures, click "HERE" to view/download them in PDF format.