To enrich the lives of older adults in a manner that demonstrates God’s love.



We will support and encourage all of our residents living here at Valley View Retirement Community by becoming the foremost provider of residential living and long-term care services.



  • Christian
    We will provide services in the spirit of Christ, with respect, honor, kindness and compassion.
  • Services
    Serving the needs of our residents and their families, and the members of the greater community is the reason for our existence. We will strive for excellence in serving those needs.
  • Unity and Teamwork
    Achieving excellence in service may be realized only through the collaborative efforts of a team of dedicated employees, volunteers, residents and Board of Directors. The professional development of the members, and their involvement and satisfaction are key to our Team’s success.
  • Stewardship
    We will exercise prudence in managing our resources and strive for efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Benevolence
    Through stewardship and the generosity of our supporters, we will serve those who possess limited financial means.
  • Ethical Behavior
    We will adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. We will exercise good faith, honesty, and integrity in providing our services and conducting the affairs of the retirement community.
  • Diversity
    We will offer our services to persons of diverse backgrounds and economic means, without regard for race, color, religion, gender or national origin.