From the CFO: Expanding model of care to meet needs in our community

December 18, 2023

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Dennis Peachey

Chief Financial Officer Dennis Peachey is optimistic about the future of Valley View Retirement Community. After weathering the significant challenges that COVID brought to retirement care, he says that Valley View has gained more sure footing and is poised to step into the future to continue what it has always done: enriching the lives of older adults in a manner that demonstrates God’s love.

How do Valley View’s 2023 financials compare to the last few years?

We were fortunate to receive Provider Relief Funding from the government during a time when it was needed the most. In addition, our team has been unflinching in finding ways to reduce expenses without compromising resident care. We also continue to experience great interest in the services we provide, with individuals making applications to move here. These combined efforts have resulted in marked improvement in Valley View’s financial position during 2023, promoting long-term financial stability.

How does this new expansion plan position Valley View for the future?

The expansion was a direct result of a market study performed in 2022. The need for dementia care is increasing in older adults and we have experienced considerable interest over the past year. Meeting this specific need in our community will provide a solid foundation of service and finance.

How does this new plan fit in with Valley View’s history of stewardship and meeting needs in the community?

Valley View has been closely tied to our local community from its inception. It started organically when lay leaders in Big Valley saw a need to care for older residents in the area. Expanding our model of care to offer even more needed services naturally fits into our philosophy of caring for God’s people in a way that respects the economic and spiritual realities of the Mifflin County area.

Can you talk a little bit about Valley View’s legacy of providing care at a value?

With 50% of nursing residents receiving benevolent care as well as a certain percentage of benevolence within the Terrace, we remain committed to the guarantee of future care. We also hold to a long-standing expectation and practice that those who desire to move to Valley View have the ability to pay for a portion of the services they receive on our campus. This is not a new expectation and one that is vital for our continued long-term viability. We are fortunate to have others believe in and support our mission through donations made to our endowment fund. We understand the need to be good stewards of the resources that we are given, as it helps to not only fulfill current needs but to ensure care in the years to come.

This article is from the Fall 2023 View from the Valley Newsletter. You can see the full issue here:

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